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Why blogger is better than wordpress

why blogger is better than wordpress

If you're thinking about switching to blogger, there are a lot of reasons why it would be a better choice than WordPress.

Blogger has a clean interface

Blogger has a clean interface. Its dashboard is simple and easy to understand, with features tucked away neatly in different sections. 

It's also very intuitive; as soon as you start using Blogger, you'll find yourself navigating through the site without having to search for anything or read any instructions.

Blogger does not have any confusing settings or options that can slow down your workflow, which makes it ideal for beginners who are just getting started with their blog. 

If you're looking for something more advanced than blogger offers (like WordPress), then check out our list of best blogs!

Blogger is easy to use and customize

The blogger dashboard has a simple editor that allows you to create posts in minutes. You can also publish your blog posts from the dashboard directly into your site's directories if you wish.

Which saves time because there's no need for FTP access or any other complicated setup process (like creating an account with a hosting provider).

Blogger is easy to set up

Blogger is easy to set up. You can start blogging in minutes, and you don't need any technical skills or knowledge of HTML or WordPress. 

It's hosted on Google, so there's no worry about uptime—if something goes wrong with the site (and there won't be much!), it'll just be down for a few minutes while they fix it.

Blogger also has a ton of options built into the software that make it even easier for new bloggers: 

you can choose from different templates; add custom fonts; upload images and videos; add widgets like RSS feeds that update automatically when your readers subscribe via email—you name it!

You can use any theme from the internet

If you want to use a theme from the internet, you can. You don't have to buy it or pay for it; all you need is a web browser and some patience (and maybe some friends who are willing to help).

You can customize your theme by changing the font and color of text on the page. You can also change the background image of your website if you like.

Blogger works well with Google ads, analytics and webmaster tools

Google ads is integrated with blogger, and you can use it to send traffic to your blog. The process is simple:

  • Set up a Google Ads account. You need to be a business owner, or have an e-commerce site that sells products or services.
  • Create an ad with the keyword of your choice (for example “blogging”). This will help you find the right audience for your blog post.

Select how much money per click (CPC) you want to spend on each ad campaign and when it expires (24 hours or 1 day). 

You can also set up an automatic renewal feature so that after 24 hours, if no one has clicked on the link in their browser window then they will see another version containing different text or images which may appeal more than before.

This helps increase engagement rates further by making people curious about why there was another version created instead of just seeing static text/images over top everything else again after having seen what happened earlier!

Blogger is free and hosted on Google, so you'll never have to worry about uptime

If you're looking for a free and hosted blogging platform, then blogger is the way to go. This is because blogger is hosted on Google's servers, which have been tested and proved reliable over time.

If your website goes down, it will be fixed within minutes by Google's engineers. You don't have to worry about paying for hosting services or worrying about downtime—you just need to keep your blog updated with new content so that people can find it easily when they want it!

WordPress is safer because it's open source

When you need to change your WordPress site's code, the only way to do it is by hacking into the server. 

If you're not familiar with this term, "hacking" means breaking into a system that has been secured with strong passwords and other security measures.

The good news is that hackers aren't allowed to touch your website unless they have permission from you or someone else who does have access—and even then, there are rules about what can be done to sites like these: 

For example, it's not okay for them (or anyone) to install malware on your site without first getting permission from whoever runs it.

In short: WordPress is safer because its source code is open-source software; anyone can audit this code if they want! 

This means that other people will be able to help find any vulnerabilities when using WordPress itself—but also give advice on how best protect yourself against future attacks based on those findings."

It all comes down to your needs as a blogger

The truth is, if you are looking for a blog that will be easy to set up and use, then WordPress is the way to go. It has been around for years and has become one of the most popular blogging platforms out there. 

If you want to customize your site with plugins or themes, then Wordpress is also an excellent choice because it allows users to do so easily through its interface.

If however, you don't need any customization at all (or even if you do), then blogger could be right up your alley! 

It's simple enough as well: just drag-and-drop content onto pages using either HTML or Markdown syntaxes and voila! Your website will automatically look beautiful without any extra work on your part."


Wordpress is great for blogs, but if you're looking to create a website that's as easy-to-use and customizable as blogger, then it might not be the right choice. 

If you want something that gives you more control over your site's appearance and design elements, then blogger might be perfect for you!


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