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Blogger : What Is blogger and How To Make Money With It?

Blogger : What Is blogger and How To Make Money With It?

If you are looking for ways to make money online, blogging is the perfect niche to start with. 

It is a very easy and flexible way of making money, where you can write about anything that interests you. 

You can write in your own voice or take quotes from famous writers, as long as they are relevant to your blog topic. 

In this article, we will discuss how bloggers make money through their blogs; what steps need to be taken before starting a blog; 

How much each article will fetch from Google Adsense (which also helps in monetizing your content); and how much one can expect for 1000 impressions on their blog.

What Is Blogger?

A diary could be a web site that contains written content.

It’s also called an online journal, online diary or personal website. 

Bloggers write about their own experiences and share them with others through their blogs.

Blogger is a platform that allows you to create a blog on your own domain name (e.g., myblog). 

You can use the same username as your Twitter account or Facebook page.

This makes it easy for people who follow you on social media sites like Twitter or Facebook,

Will see when they visit their favorite blogger's site directly within those platforms instead of encountering two different sites created by separate authors (one author having multiple domains).

Steps to Create a Blog in Blogger

To start a blog in Blogger, you will need to

Sign up for a new account. There are two options for this: 

Signing up through Google or by using your email address. 

If you have trouble getting an account, there is help available on the FAQs page on their website.

Create a new blog using the dropdown menu at the top of your screen .It ought to seem like this once finished

The name of your site! This is where everyone will see who made it and what kind of content they have been writing about so far (if any).

The title of your site is important because this will be the first thing that people see when they visit your blog

Think about what you want to say and how it can be applied to the world around you (or at least how it applies to you). 

This is where all of the information about your site will go: 

who made it and what kind of content they have been writing about so far.

How To Add Google Adsense In A Blogger Blog

To add Google Adsense in blogger blog, you can follow these steps:

Sign up for Google adsense, You need to enter your email address, name and gender in order to verify your account with them. 

After that, you will receive an activation link so that you can activate your new account with them which includes a test version of their software called “Cookie”.

Which allows advertisers to track how well their ads perform on different sites like ours!

Once this has been done successfully then go back into our site and click on “Add code” at the top right hand corner of our homepage where we have added one more code box called "Google Adsense Code".

How Much You Will Be Paid For 1000 Pageviews?

With the advent of blogging, you can make money by selling ads on your blog. 

You will be paid by Google depending on the amount of adsense you have on your blog.

Here is how much you will get for 1000 page views:

  • $0.005 per 1000 pageviews ($0.50)
  • $0.0075 per 1,000 visits ($1)

How Do People Make Money From Blogger?

Here area unit some ways in which you'll be able to create cash from blogging:

Sell your own products. You can sell your own products on your blog or through a third-party site like Amazon

This is an easy way to make money and it’s not too hard either!

Sell other people’s products (affiliate marketing). 

If you know someone who has created something that would benefit the readers of your blog, then this would be great way for them to get exposure and profit from those sales instead.

You can write a blog in blogger, use google adsense to make money and make a career out of it.

You can write a blog in blogger, use Google Adsense to make money and make a career out of it.

Blogger is one among the foremost well-liked blogging platforms out there nowadays.

It was created by Matt Mullenweg, who also created (the leading platform for creating blogs). 

Blogger has been used by millions of people all over the world since its release in 2003. 

It's easy to create your own website using this platform; there are no technical requirements at all!

The world is changing and so are the ways people make money. 

Blogger is one of the most popular platforms today where you can write a blog and make money from it.


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